About Peach Vintage

My name is Katie, I started Peach Vintage in January 2018.

Prior to running Peach Vintage I worked in the corporate world. Attending many events over the years I wondered about the amount of new clothing that were bought for events and I came up with the idea to resell unwanted clothing on social media.

It started with my self selling my own dresses that I know longer wanted and then my family and friends got involved. Within 6 months I had people contacting me to sell their own items.

The beauty of Peach Vintage is we are part of the circular fashion industry by reusing our clothing and recycling items. I have people that just buy from me and I have people that just sell with me and I have people that do both. 

When you shop or sell with me & Peach Vintage you are part of a wonderful community 


You can reach me on whatsapp 086 3124868

Email - peachvintagepreloved@gmail.com