Camino diary. Day 2

Camino diary. Day 2

I had originally booked my flight from Wed to Wed

But on further investigation I realised I don't get into Santiago until almost midnight. Which gave me the following day to get to my starting point (I hadn't decided where until yesterday)  thankfully I changed my flight to Tuesday to following Wednesday.   I spent allllll day in Dublin Airport yesterday. In fact I could have been mistaken for Tom Hanks in terminal I was there so long🤣

I had booked in a bag and when I got to the airport the lovely Ryanair staff at the desk told me I'd be OK carrying on my bag because my boyfriend reminded me about the Airport lounge! You can only check your bag in 3 hours prior to flying so I took the opportunity and headed through security. I was soooooo early that I even fell for buying Charlotte Tilbury foundation 😅  off I trotted to the lounge to relax and read my book in €40 comfort. Eat some free peanuts and some out of date fruit. It was CLOSED  why Dublin Airport whyyyyyyyyy.

So I sat on an airport seat at terminal 1 for 5.15 hours 🙃  fml. Flight delayed....but like all good Ryanair pilots we flew as the crows would go and made it on time. There was clapping....but no horn tooting or is a trumpet🤔

I booked a sweet little place in the city 800meters from the centre.....but I missed my stop and had to hightail 17 minutes walk after midnight.

The lovely owner was waiting for me outside on the cobble Street to let me in. He offered me a late check out, how kind.   The pension was called PR Paz de Agra in Santiago. I had my own room and private bathroom for €28 highly recommend it.

Following morning I had some gorgeous breakfast and coffee and after googling I headed for the train station.  You have to take a ticket and wait until you are called to speak to an agent......25 minutes later I was informed at the desk "no hay trenes a tui"  ok, dont stop the bus. Turns out, even though Google says otherwise...there ain't no direct train to Tui.   I hopped on the train to Vigo, the closest point to tui. On the bus I thought about just starting in Vigo but it was 100kms from there to Santiago and I was a little disappointed that I might have to do a shorter route because last year was 117 and I was hoping to do a bit more this year.    When I got off the bus in Vigo a very kind spanish man told me where to get the best local bus to Tiu (he spoke nice and slow for me to understand) how grateful I was to him for doing both those things.

Tonight I'm staying in this beautiful & sleepy town Tiu. I've spent the last 4 hours just walking around it aimlessly. Ive visited 2 supermarkets and 3 pharmacies, i really am my mothers daughter. It's early to bed tonight to get a good night sleep before I tackle the first leg of my journey. 17kms tomorrow but I won't rush to start, last year on day one from Sarria to Santiago I was passing people out and didn't get to enjoy it on day one simply because I didn't pace myself. So learning from day one last year il take my time and savour the steps.

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