Where it all began

Where it all began

I am Katie (KT) the owner and trainer of this here website. 

Peach Vintage started in Feb 2017 from very very small beginnings. It started because I had clothes that I didnt want to part with, and didnt want to give away. HOW greedy of me!!

In truth, I had gathered so many beautiful items, mainly vintage items when I lived in the States in the early 2000's.    Part with them? NEVER, how dare I even dream of it. But, I was moving, and things were changing in my life and I had to make the desicion, beautiful american vintage dresses from the 60's or? ....well I didnt have to make any desicions at all, but a USA size 0 was never going to fit me, (it never did,) I just bought them becuase I loved the colours and the style and material. 

So with all good business ideas - it came from something that was needed.  The need to show these items to others, to pass them on so that they could be loved properly and not just sitting in boxes for good ol moi to take them out and look at them when I see fit. 

For a good 6 months I didnt have the confidence to sell my vintage pieces I collected clothing from friends, my sisters, my aunts, anyone close to me that had beautiful items to sell. I started the FB page https://www.facebook.com/Peachvintage and began selling their items there! I put a call out to other likeminded woman if they wanted to sell their dresses I could do it for them, and I would give them 50% of the profits. I felt like #girlboss !! hang on, that wasn't true I felt I was going to be bigger and better than Sophia Christina Amoruso....TBC...... 


There is so much more I want to tell you all...but for now. I will leave it there, because, I want you to come back :-)



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