Wearing second hand & New

Wearing second hand & New

But first. A post about #shoppinglocal 

I'm an advocate of shopping second hand, I've said it time and time again everyone should try shopping second hand, and here are the reasons why -


1. The thrill of finding that one off piece that no one else will have.


2. You are reducing landfill by purchasing a second hand outfit.


3. You are helping small businesses like Www.peachvintageclothing.com 


4. You are supporting charities if you purchase in a charity shop.


5. There is no such thing as a "season"


BUT may I add, while I am all for shopping second hand, however I also #shoplocal my sister is working in @dakota_midleton and I picked up these unreal jeans during the week. They are called #katiecarrot so I couldn't resist. I'm wearing @filausa #sneakers which were new!!!! I paid €25 for them in @ncbi_retail my bag was gifted to me by my friend Kelly and my earrings are from Anna @revolvingwardrobevintage 


If you have not bought a second hand item yet, try mixing it with one of your new items. Gradually you will feel its ok to #chooseused 

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