Upcycled Clothes

Upcycled Clothes

Lock down has given me so much time to realize its okay to make mistakes when trying new things! Having time on my hands to become creative with clothing has given me a new passion.    

Its not something I ever considered doing. I have bought many items over the years that have been up cycled. I was in London about 6 years ago and the "in" thing was cropped shirts down at the markets.  However, I thought, hang on this is a bit of a farce, they were literally cutting the bottoms off the shirts, leaving the frayed edges and selling them as upcycled shirts!!! That to me is not fair to the customer, it was a cheap and unfair way of making a quick buck and selling to people.     There has to be care in what you do! doesn't there? Or am I too honest? I don't think so.

Fast forward a few years later, I am learning a new skill. 

In the 80s and 90s growing up, my mam worked for an interior designer, mam made curtains for the business. Every school play or big event we were in we had a dress made by hand from my mam. Looking back on old photos now, I realize that most were remnants of the curtain fabric :-)

My mam was the O.G when it came to recycling and up cycling and reusing!

It gives me so much joy to be able to learn something that my mam is teaching me. Time spent with her like this is precious. What is also special is more and more people are turning their old clothes into something new.

Think outside the box :-)

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