Happy as a peach in a pit today queen's. This weather is glorious, I hope we get another few days.


Just spent the afternoon photographing some new pieces. Ranging from sizes 16 - 20

My aim is to bring slow fashion, reloved/preloved items to all shapes and sizes of beautiful woman. 

Currently I resell sizes 6 - 20 I know that this is not good enough, I want to be able to bring sizes to everyone so no one is left out. In my defense, (is that okay to say?) I only sell items that have been given to me by woman to sell, non of the items are my own.  I would love to hear from woman in the plus size range who would like to buy and sell preloved and vintage items. We are and must all be a part of the circular fashion economy and slow down the fast fashion industry.  Sustainable fashion must be attainable to us all. My next job is to locate myself a mannequin in a bigger body. I only have one, and it fits a EU 8/10. 


So, are you thinking of reselling your beautiful items with me ? Check out my insta page to get an idea of how it all works - 


Reselling your own items can be a lot of effort. You have to take photos of your clothing, write a sale post for each item, correspond with potential buyers, and meet up with someone to make the sale. 

I will take all the hassle away from you, and you can be totally anonymous while making money from your items. All I request is your items are in perfect preloved condition, just washed, and with no errors. Drop me a line on WhatsApp or contact me through any of my social media outlets. 



This particular beauty on the mannequin is size 18. And its as pretty as a peach  and is available to purchase ✌✌✌✌✌


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