1. inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends.


We have created a culture of buying cheaper clothes for short term use and then replacing them just as quickly.

Apparently, now we have 52 seasons! This is a disastrous impact on our environment. 

The term “Fast Fashion” is not recognised as much as we would think.

Here are some of the facts available to us.

  • The Fashion industry is thriving. Clothes production has doubled form the early 2000s to now.

• The fast fashion industry emits 1.2 billion tons of CO2 equivalent per year. This is about 5% of global emissions. That’s more than the emissions created by air travel and international shipping.

• The fast fashion industry is responsible for producing 20% of global wastewater.

• The industry is one of the largest consumers of freshwater on the planet. To put this in perspective 80 billion cubic metres is enough to fill about 32000 Olympic size swimming pools.

• Since 2005, the death toll in Bangladesh alone is 1800 workers.


  But, lets cheer this post up a bit, there is always hope, there are things we can do to change the curve and have a more sustainable wardrobe!


  No 1 – Sell your clothing with Peach Vintage 

I sell preloved clothing and accessories including vintage and antiques. You can clean out your wardrobe of your items that you no longer want to wear, once the items are in perfect preloved condition then I can sell them for you and we split the profits 50/50 win win. The easiest way to go sustainable is buying second hand clothing!


2 - Charity shops!

I have shopped myself in charity shops for years. When I cant sell your item I will always suggest you send them to the charity shops. As part of my service I also offer to take your unsold items to my local charity shops on your behalf. 


3 – Try not to impulse Buy

 Even though I am a business, I always give people the opportunity to make sure they want the item. If you love it, buy it, is my motto.

Have a look in your wardrobe first, make sure you don’t have a similar item. If you do, however, send it to me, I will sell it for you :-)


4 – Upcycle your items

My new past time since Covid 19 is painting my clothes!! I am having so much fun. Already painting many items. It is a super way to reinvent your item without it costing the environment anything. And you can have so much fun doing it too.


5 – Buy and sell groups on social media

I am in business nearly 3 years, and I am a member of different selling groups on social media. These can be daunting to people that are not used to selling your items. In saying this, I have a new section to Peach Vintage for you,. its a group page, where I am offering this service. It’s a less daunting space where you will also find like minded people looking to buy and sell their clothing also. Check out the group page for more info

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